Press release: Free access to recruiting technology for essential businesses

Essential businesses with urgent hiring needs get complimentary access to Arya to quickly fill critical roles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

News Release

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March 26, 2020


Abby Carter

Content Manager

Free access to recruiting technology for essential businesses

Leading AI recruiting platform, Arya, available to help essential businesses address COVID-19 hiring needs.

RALEIGH, North Carolina – Today Leoforce, LLC announced an initiative to address staff shortages in critical and high demand roles by offering complimentary access to Arya, the world’s first and foremost AI recruiting platform, to companies identified as essential businesses by local, state, and federal authorities. With this initiative, Leoforce is re-directing its team and redeploying its technology to support organizations that are directly involved in combating the pandemic and performing a public service simply by being open for business.

Essential businesses that have urgent COVID-19 hiring needs and plans will be able to use Arya to source, identify, and engage with active and passive job-seekers across dozens of channels and fill their open positions faster than using traditional recruiting tools and techniques.  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sudden and unprecedented change in the employment landscape and economy.  Many companies have been forced to eliminate roles, putting millions out of work, while others have a surge of openings that must be filled quickly to keep up with demand. AI is uniquely suited to respond to this sudden shift and can identify cross-over skills and experience that may not be obvious or intuitive to humans, helping businesses scale-up and mitigate the increasing unemployment rate.

Leoforce CEO and founder, Madhu Modugu says,

Leoforce is

and always has been

a people-centered company

, and during times of upheaval, having a strong and complete team in place is more important than ever.

This is our way of using our time and expertise to help businesses and individuals manage through this

incredibly challenging


Over 9,000 recruiters across the world are already using Arya to fill open positions at over 10,000 organizations. They’re filling positions faster and with higher quality candidates. Leoforce is committed to ensuring that essential businesses have the ability to do the same. “We want to do whatever we can to build our communities back up, and use the resources and expertise that we have at our disposal to help one another along the way. This is an all hands on deck, company-wide initiative and we are eager to get started”, says Modugu.


Leoforce, the maker of the A.I. recruiting platform, Arya, is a market-leading technology company that develops cutting-edge technology solutions to help people and organizations navigate and thrive in a constantly changing world of work, making companies smarter, more innovative, and ultimately, more valuable.


Arya, is the world’s first and foremost Artificial Intelligence recruiting advisor that empowers recruiters and hiring managers to hire ideal candidates better than anyone could do alone because it combines predictive analytics, proprietary machine learning models, and artificial intuition to truly understand people.

Essential businesses can

get started here



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