How to Write a Press Release in 2020 (+7 Press Release Format Examples)

It’s no secret that we are more surrounded by news than ever before and that public relations[1] materials are more important than ever.

It’s nearly impossible to check your email or scroll through your Facebook feed without being bombarded by the latest articles, covering everything from politics to lifestyle to Elon Musk’s latest innovation[2].

And while folks have long claimed that print is a dying industry, it’s obvious that news itself isn’t going anywhere. In a world that consumes more than any other generation, we have to ask, where is this all coming from?

The latest stories getting blasted to you in an email newsletter or being being littered through your Facebook feed (looking at you, oversharing aunt), just may start from something as simple as a press release.

You read that correctly — press releases remain an invaluable part of a company’s integrated marketing communication[3] strategy. As straightforward or formulaic as they may seem, when written thoughtfully, they are ripe with opportunity.

A single, carefully considered document can earn attention from media outlets far and wide. This does more than simply increase exposure to new audiences. It also adds a layer of legitimacy to your brand, increasing credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.

Some brands, in their eagerness to embrace newer digital strategies, have started to overlook press releases, considering them “outdated.” This couldn’t be further from the truth! Now more than ever, audiences are skeptical and overwhelmed. They’re desperate to figure out whomst to trust. Using a press release to align yourself with credible media partners can be the deciding factor that earns their attention.

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The thought of putting together a press release sounds easy — but don’t be fooled by their perceived simplicity. There are actually a lot of moving pieces and concepts to understand. To get the best results for your efforts, you’ll need to understand:

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